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Take the Reigns of Your Story

Join us for the transformational 12-Week Journey of "It's Never Too Late to Begin Again" by Julia Cameron, facilitated by Kaitlin Huwe

You will be held in a safe space to explore your creative impulse, and set your sights on how you want to initiate your next chapter.

"Begin Again" is specifically designed for folks in mid-life who are moving towards retirement, and who have interest in writing a personal memoir. 

Limited to 10 Participants. 


 You will be supported by your facilitator and a small group of like-spirited peers who are alongside you on the path of re-discovering their creative spark, and telling their unique story. 

"It's Never Too Late To Begin" is designed to help you discover your creativity and meaning at midlife and beyond. 

Come together with a group of your peers to-reignite your creativity and take the reigns of the story of your life.

We are not here to be perfect.

We are here to evolve. 
You showing up, for what you can do, is enough. As a community, we will carry each other through this transformational process of creative recovery.

This is not a class, or an academic experience.
This is a Circle. A Community. A Creative Café.

Get a cup of tea, and let's dive in.

Reignite Your Creative Energy


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The Creativity Tools

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Daily Morning Pages

Weekly Artist's Dates

Weekly Reading

Weekly Memoir Writing Prompts

Supportive Creative Community

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enter your sacred creative space

Meet Your Facilitator

Kaitlin Huwe


Actress | Singer | Writer

Creative Producer| Embodiment Educator

Kaitlin is deeply committed to cultivating creative community wherever she goes. She has guided over 150 humans and creatives through "The Artist's Way" and whole heartedly believes that this process can serve as a tool for awakening to one's unique creative flow and expression. 

She believes that "The Artist's Way" is a rite of passage for all humans, and you don't need to consider yourself an artist to engage with this work, and bring creativity deeper into your life. She enjoys engaging in this work while taking big creatives risks and leaps, and can't wait to meet you in this process.


More on the "Begin Again" Creative Circle


Spring 2023

Not Quite Ready to Write Your Memoir?

I totally get it.

That's a big commitment.

Okay, so you know that you want to engage more with your creative energy. You might be interested in writing, but you also might be interested in other avenues of creation?

Come find us in "The Artist's Way" Creative Circle. This is where some real magic happens.

The possibilities are endless. 

You can open up roads you never thought of before and engage with your creative energy for the pure joy of it, rather than to produce a product. 

Liberate yourself from needing to be "working on a thing" and simply enjoy the creative tools provided by "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron here at wonderwell.


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"I had tried to complete the Artist’s Way by myself for about 10 years with several failed attempts prior to connecting with Kaitlin. It wasn’t until the magical and sacred circle that Kaitlin created that I felt inspired, supercharged and motivated to complete the process. I learned so much about myself, dug up old monsters and realized just how creative I am and how I hadn’t believed in myself for a long time. By having accountability partners, meeting once a week with the whole circle and doing the weekly tasks and daily writing, I felt a new me emerge. I am thankful every day that I completed the process and with such a fantastic group of artists. Having other artists to share with, cry, laugh, inspire, motivate and relate to was incredibly helpful and a huge benefit thanks to Kaitlin."

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“I joined Kaitlin's Artist's Way Creative Circle on a whim, and I am so glad I did. The Creative Circle provided me a space to redefine what I thought creativity was, understand what was important to me, set personal boundaries, and build community. I enjoyed the experience so much that once it was done, I joined her secondary offering, The Well. During my time in The Well, I used the weekly meetings as support for launching my creative small business Calmmony. Without The Artist's Way, Creative Circle, and The Well, I don't think I would have received the inspiration or the motivation to launch my small business and call myself a creative person. I am so grateful to Kaitlin and the community she has built.”

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"Kaitlin is an incredible facilitator. Her honesty, vulnerability, and deep knowledge of the healing arts helped me feel comfortable with a bunch of strangers (who weren't strangers for long!). She's uniquely able to create an environment that fosters personal growth and a sense of community at the same time, which is rare."

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"This group is perfect for anyone who wants to commit to a small and lasting change. It's an open-source nudge in the right direction, a boost and refocus on what you're already doing."

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"The Artist Way Creative Circle was transformative. The introspection and community was exactly what I needed at that time in my life to push past limiting beliefs and explore the expansiveness of my creative self. Kaitlin is a magical facilitator and does a great job at holding space so every participant feels seen and heard. I couldn't recommend the experience more!"

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