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You deserve to be richly supported.

Book a 1:1 Call with Kate to and be held, witnessed, and guided on your journey.
Are you new around here?
→ Share about where you're at in your journey
→ Get insights, reflections and guidance from Kate
→ Get a map of your unique Creative Constellation ™️
→ Receive practice tools and tangible action steps

45min Private Session

A practical and tactical Artist Support Container designed to address one or two particular challenges regarding your creative development.


Bring anything you've got coming up in your process and let's alchemize it into creative gold!

Possible Topics Include:
- Contacting the Inner Artist Child
- Developing Structures to Support Creativity
- Healing from Burnout
- Recovering from Creative Loss/Grief
- Safe Space for Emotional Dynamics in Creative Projects
- Crafting Conscious Communication Strategies 
- Honing your Creative Direction 

$90 for (the well) Members

90min Private Session

A more spacious container for your holistic creative development and deeper artistic support. 

Depending on what is needed, we can open sacred space on this call for more potent insights and transformation. 


You may also bring work-in-progress for reflections and insights.


Or we can go deeper into other aspects of the creative cycle:

~ artist embodiment

~ connection to inspiration

~ creative production planning

~ release strategy

Image by Abhishek Koli
$180 for (the well) Members

90min Embodiment Session

a custom practice designed to help you feel more aligned, embodied, and expressive. 


Flow of the Call:
1) Check-In
2) Guided Embodiment Exercise
3) Sharing & Integration


Image by Clay Banks
$180 for (the well) Members
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