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A Holistic Wellness Studio by Kate Bone

On-Demand Yoga + Meditation + Breathwork practices

to help you feel aligned, embodied, and inspired.

Activate The WonderBody



yoga-based movement 

to increase strength, 

flexibility, and mobility


meditation practices 

to center you in your heart and calm the mind


conscious breathing techniques to regulate your nervous system

With over a decade of practice, and over 500 hours of formal training, I have developed the ability to see where energy get's stuck in the body.

I want you to feel free in your being.

I want you to feel aligned and empowered.

I want you know how to cultivate your energy.

My movement classes are based in the practice of yoga asana, but are heavily influenced by core work, therapeutic yoga, mobility drills, and dynamic fitness exercises. 

Each class is a journey of dropping into the breath, invigorating the energy, releasing deeply held tension, and opening up to new ways of moving, thinking, and being. 


there is a dance between body and breath

let it move you

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