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(the well) Membership

Inspiration, Accountability, Mentorship, and Community

for Multi-disciplinary Artists and Creators.


Facilitated by Kate Bone.

the well membership for creatives in process facilitated by kate bone creative development

Embody your creative force.

Connect your creative community.

Create from your heart.

Release your creation into the world.

Evolve through the creative cycle.

primary nourishment for

Core Programming

  • Quarterly Seasonal Immersions
    • Artist Embodiment
    • Guided Creative Development Exercises
    •  Intention Setting Rituals
  • Monthly Mentorship Calls
    • A space to get direct guidance and creatively problem-solve obstacles within community​
  • Monthly Café Calls
    • A space to connect and share about your process in a brave and sacred space​

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Access to our Full Library of Guided Creative Exercises, Tools, and Tutorials
  • Weekly Virtual Co-Working Space 
  • Private Slack Channel

Special Perks

  • Discounts on 1:1 Sessions with Kate,  and WonderBody Studio Membership

exploring the nature of creativity

A key element of my creative ecosystem was missing...


Picasso has this great quote, "“When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.”
After college, I continued my acting training at various studios around town, I was accepted as a member of The Road Theatre, and started booking some work in Film and Television... but still.. I felt like something was missing from my creative constellation.
I wanted a non-academic space to be with other creatives. 
I wanted to create in a way that reflected the cycles of nature.
I wanted to have a place to go each week to center in my creative vision, share my journey, and practice accountability.
After several generations of "The Artist's Way" we had quite a blossoming community of creatives who were dedicated to their path, loving the weekly accountability, and wanting to continue the conversation around creating in alignment with their nature. 
Julia Cameron talks about the importance of "Filling the Well" -- feeding our Artist's Brain with sights, sounds, textures, tastes, and smells that will ignite our imagination and open us up to the sensorium of existence. 
(the well) MEMBERSHIP is a place for creative artists from all different disciplines, and mediums to deepen their work alongside each other, outside the gaze of a teacher. This is not a class. This is a circle. 
(the well) is hands down one of the best communities I have been a part of. Everyone shares so deeply, supports one another fully, and gives amazing insight. It has really helped me stay accountable and inspired."


"The main thing I gained from (the well) is confidence in my riskier creative endeavors, a fire in my belly to create that expands beyond my typical creative projects because I’m inspired by what others are involved in. (the well) has been an invaluable and surprising asset to my creative arsenal that I can’t find in books or other artistic podcasts or courses."


"This is a space I have been looking for my whole life. The space you've created is conscious, buoyant, and extremely loving. I am beyond grateful to share space and learn from you and the beautiful community that has formed."


(the well) Membership is perfect for you if...

☑️ You know that you're here to make art.

☑️ You are inspired to commit to a creative project, and follow through to completion.

☑️ You're interested in creating a life that fuels your art, and living a life that inspires your art.

☑️ You're ready to deepen your artistry and get more skilled at your craft.


☑️ You want to feel supported by a community as you take the next steps on your path.

"When critics get together they talk about form, and structure, and meaning...

When artist's get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine."

-Pablo Picasso

(the well)
an infinite resource for creative wellbeing

Dozens of Creative Resources
at your Fingertips

All Guided Creative Exercises and Lectures are available in our Private Resource Portal.

Access call recordings, mini-meditations, journaling prompts, group discussions, and custom worksheets in our private membership portal.

Topics Include:

  1. Establishing Nourishing Structures
  2. Embody Your Creative Archetype 
  3. Design Your Creative Contract
  4. Deep Dive into The Creative Cycle
  5. Creative Affirmation Meditation 
  6. Full Body Warm-Up for Performers
  7. Create Your Archetype Playlist
  8. Connecting to the Muse
  9. Organizational Systems for Artists
  10. The 6 Traps in Releasing Your Creative Work

    and more!
This is the space I have been looking for my whole life.

Hannah D.

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