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The Path of The Embodied Artist™️

a 5-week Intensive for
Conscious Creators
It's time to bring your visions into reality.
In a way that really *works* for you,
and your whole life.

IMHO you're wayyyyyy too creative to keep operating in outdated structures that don't honor the unique rhythms of your creative process.

It's time to step onto the path of The Embodied Artist. 

What is an Embodied Artist?

The one who answers their creative calling with their full chest, indulges their curiosity, and creates from the heart.

The one who has taken the time to understand their creative process, trusts their natural timing, and has an unshakeable connection to their artistry.

The one who dreams new worlds into being and makes them real. 

The one who asks for what they need and receives it. 

After guiding 150+ people through "The Artist's Way" ...

I've learned A LOT about what is needed to unlock someone's creative potential.
I've condensed the wisdom of 
"The Artist's Way" into a 5-Week Program that is going to unlock the foundational principles of creativity.
You'll walk away with an unshakeable connection to your artistry and the tools and structures to make magic happen.

it's time to make

your vision

a reality

here's what you get in the program

5 Live Interactive Lectures

5 Artist Embodiment Practices

24/7 Access to Our

Private Slack Channel

9+ Creative Tools
and Templates

Currently In-Session

The course recordings will likely be available for purchase after our first live cohort. Get your name on the waitlist to be the first to know when the course is available for self-paced creators.
  • Week #1: Landing in The Artist Body
    Interactive Lecture and Embodiment Exercise - Receive Your Body as an Instrument - Tools to Nourish the Artist's Brain - Establishing Supportive Structures Q&A Community Sharing + Integration
  • Week #2: Opening to Inspiration + Crafting Organizational Structures
    Interactive Lecture + Embodiment Exercise - Open to Inspiration - Connect to Your Desire to Create - Map Your Muses - Develop Your Artist Organization Systems Q&A Community Sharing + Integration
  • Week #3: Establishing Regenerative Creative Production Schedules
    Interactive Lecture and Embodiment Exercise - Sensing Your Creative Production Rhythms - Developing an Artistic Expression Practice - Prioritizing Play - Dissolving Perfectionism Q&A Community Sharing + Integration
  • Week 4: Stepping into the Light + Honing Your Artist Aesthetic
    Interactive Lecture and Embodiment Exercise - Stepping Into the Light and Dissolving the Fear of Being Seen - Crafting Your Artist Archetype - Creating Your Capsule Branding - Establishing Authentic Ways of Connecting with Your Audience Q&A Community Sharing + Integration
  • Week 5: Program Integration + Sharing Creative Work
    Interactive Lecture and Embodiment Exercise - Integrating Your Experience - Establishing Rhythms and Rituals for Your Creativity Moving Forward - Resting in the Embrace of Your Creative Energy Q&A Community Sharing + Integration
    Weekly Integration Sessions available for participants to ask questions, receive insights and feedback, review concepts from our instructional calls, and build community with other creatives.
Kate Bone Actress Singer Writer Founder of Wonderwell Creative Interdisciplinary Creative

Meet Your Guide

👋🏼 Hi, I'm Kate Bone

After facilitating over 150 people through "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, I've developed a keen ability to see where creative energy is stuck in the body and open up new pathways for your creative energy to flow.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, I know how challenging it can be to bring a daydream into reality.

Everyone's creative process is different and requires a unique combination of nourishment, inspiration, and encouragement.

Let's discover what is needed to unlock your creative potential, and unleash your creative vision into the world to uplift humanity.

here's why I created EARTHSIDE

I was getting ready to start gathering another group to go through "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron and I posed a question to my TikTok fam...

"What made it hard to complete "The Artist's Way?"
What made you fall out of the process?

Srsly. Go click on that image and read the comments section. People giving full dissertations in there!

That's when I realized that whenever we experience limitations, it's time to create something new. 
I've distilled everything I've learned from 10+ years as a working artist and 4 years of facilitating creatives through "The Artist's Way" and I've condensed it all down into a 5-week Immersion that is going to make your creativity feel closer than ever! 

get the support you need to
make your boldest work yet

The Conscious Creator

Intentionally chooses creative projects  that deepen their understanding of the human experience and increase their capacity for compassion.

Works in collaboration with their team members in a harmonious way that honors, uplifts, and celebrates the skillsets of all involved.
Takes breaks between projects to rest, recover, and integrate the lessons from their last creative cycle.

Generously releases their work to the collective
as a peace offering.

Uplifts the other creatives in their community and shares resources, inspiration, and opportunities.

Knows that their body is an instrument,
and keeps it tuned.

Understands that their desire to create is meant to take them on a journey of healing and transformation.

you probably don't need to change your whole life..

you probably just need to make a few subtle but meaningful shifts to unlock your creative power.

Don't get me wrong. "The Artist's Way" is INCREDIBLE. 
And it's helped so many people. Myself included!

But once we understand that we are creative.
And we embrace the fact that we are here to create...

we just need to learn a few practical tools to establish rituals and rhythms that support our creative flow.

That's what EARTHSIDE is all about. 

Simple. Practical. Tangible tools to make your creative expression practice fit seamlessly into your life.
Image by Artis Mocans

More of a Self-Paced Learner?

The course recordings will likely be available for purchase after our first live cohort. Get your name on the waitlist to be the first to know when the course is available for self-paced creators.
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